Safety & Quality

Nothing is more important than safety in the electrical contracting industry.  Safety is a  core value for our customers, and for our employees.  Hill Electric Company is firmly committed to creating an accident-free environment for every project.  We accomplish this by providing extensive pre-employment training, and by ensuring that our professionals receive continuing education on a wide variety of regulations, requirements and procedures.  In addition to completing regulated OSHA classes, our associates receive monthly instruction at our training center, conduct weekly meetings at all work sites, and provide daily accountability as each job progresses.

Safety training for our associate team includes:

     • Personal Protective Equipment
     • Hazard Communication Programs – MSDS
     • Lockout/Tagout Procedures
     • Confined Space Entry Identification
     • Fall Protection Harness Training and Certification
     • Fall Protection and Prevention Procedures
     • Fork Lift and Vertical Life Equipment Training and Certification
     • General Electrical Safe Work Practices
     • Arc Flash Awareness and Protection/NFPA70E

A safe environment is just the first step toward quality results.  We believe in delivering excellent workmanship through experienced employees.  And we believe in delivering responsive service and superior performance at a competitive price.  We define quality as the creation of a relationship that develops into a long-term partnership.  Our company philosophy of empowerment and accountability yields a team of associates with an honest desire to deliver excellence.

At Hill Electric, that’s not just fancy marketing talk—it’s how we really conduct our business.  Every day.



The word “service” has a variety of vague meanings for different businesses.  At Hill Electric Company, excellent service has always had several specific components.

Safety – We insist on the highest safety standards on every project, for our employees as well as our clients.  Our associates are thoroughly trained on every aspect of workplace safety before they ever step onto a job site, and we conduct regular safety training updates throughout each year. Please see the “Safety & Quality” section of this site for a list of training topics.
Respect – Our associates complete electrical contracting projects in a variety of locations.   Wherever they go, they will show proper respect for your property, your family, your employees and your clients.  They follow a uniform dress code, and they’ve received customer engagement training. 

Education - Learning never ends at Hill Electric.  We partner with local vocational programs to stay on top of the newest technology, seek advanced training on specific products, and even provide our staff with personal health and financial enrichment.  The Dale Carnegie Improvement Action Plan serves as our model for employee performance.

Employee Enrichment – Hill Electric’s integrity is the result of reliable, consistent performance.  Our employment average is 20 years, and we encourage such longevity with strong benefits, extensive training and associate activities.  We truly value our employees’ long-term satisfaction.  We know that perpetual relationships with our customers grow from healthy relationships with our employees.

Our goal is to form long-term partnerships with every client, and we know that following a tested code of professional standards will provide the finest level of service.  We empower our associates with thorough training, and they are personally accountable for every aspect of their job performance.  The result is a solid track record of reliability…and a list of clients who consider Hill Electric Company a trusted partner.